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Alchemy – Book Notes

  • Psychological moonshots – making a train journey faster is hard. Making it more enjoyable can cost nothing. Not from improvements in technology but in psychology and design thinking – psychology doesn’t. There is much more scope for improvement. Weak at finding psychological answers. e.g. Uber map – makes it less frustrating to wait. 
  • We don’t spend time on psychological solutions
  • There’s no irrational belief – only irrational behavior
  • The best way for evolution to prevent a behavior is to attach an emotion to it
  • Create a name = create a norm
  • Commercial Placebo – Red Bull
  • What Drives behavior is perception, not reality
  • Butterflies with eyes on wings – nature hacking perception
  • Create a ritual with preparation
  • Pilot and bus – looking at the positive side and increasing happiness w/o changing objective reality
  • Soap – how consumers use a product is not dependent on what the product actually does