People prefer a “challenge” over an “experiment”

I’m currently renewing my resolve when it comes to practicing the five precepts of buddhism. Here’s a summary from the wiki page:

Its something that is important to my life but I don’t always practice to the best of my ability. Renewing my resolve is a good opportunity for me to get back on track with my practice.

It got me to thinking, whenever I fail at doing something it brings up feeling of guilt and shame. Instead of building me up it does the opposite and knocks me down. So instead of thinking of these precepts as some sort of unbendable set of rules, I’m beginning to view them as a set of suggestions, or a challenge that I’m giving myself. Or maybe its an experiment I’m embarking on to see if this set of values works for my life.

It got me to thinking, do people prefer to give themselves challenges? Or would they rather think of goals as experiments? Well according to trends the answer is a resounding challenge!

What is the Best?

Google auto-complete is a great tool to understand trends for a particular search phrase. Viewing these suggestions in “incognito mode” (not showing you personalized results) will give you a good gauge of what kinds of subjects folks are searching for on Google.

For example, above we can see suggestions for “what is the best”. People want to know non quantifiable, opinion based things, e.g. what is the best zodiac sign (obviously Aries).

They also what to know about consumer goods, such as air fryers, mattresses, dog food, water, colleges, and credit cards. Knowing this can give you an idea of what’s popping with consumers and give you an insights advantage.