Georgia Tech – OMSA – Online Masters in Analytics

Received some good news a couple weeks ago, I was accepted to Georgia Tech’s Online Masters in Analytics (OMSA).

The program is multidisciplinary, combining concepts from statistics, computer science, and business. Ultimately strengthening my skills in data science and machine learning concepts.

It’s been a while since I was in school so I’ve been studying up on the prerequisites before the program starts on August 15th. The first course I’m taking is Gtech’s EDX course on Computing in Python: Fundamentals and Procedural Programing.

The course has been good to brush up on the basics but I’m looking for a way to apply these concepts to some real life data. I came across this API that lets you download data from Genius through Python – looking forward to analyzing this data at some point using Python!

Innovation Accounting

To improve entrepreneurial outcomes and hold innovators accountable, we need to focus on the boring stuff: how to measure progress, how to setup milestones, and how to prioritize work. This requires a new kind of accounting designed for startups — and the people who hold them accountable.

The Lean Startup