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Finding Ultra – Book Notes

When the heart is true, the Universe will conspire to support you.

p. 220

While the whole book and the story of Rich’s life is very inspiring no doubt about that. For me though, I took the most away from Chapter 11 – THERE ARE NO FINISH LINES, where Rich shares his insights, advice and path forward.

Overall Takeaways

Success isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. But when it does show up be ready to seize every morsel of opportunity.

Embrace pain and try and be incrementally better each and every day. You need to bust your ass everyday b/c there are no destinations and there are no finish lines.

Find inspiration and question the limits you impose on your own life.

The search for your song is the very stuff of life. Find out what makes you uniquely you. Do what you love.

Devote time in the morning to quiet reflection – meditation followed by journaling. Prioritize this as a daily practice.

Critical self-judgment is a pattern rooted in fear, a pattern that does not serve you and never will. Dismiss it.

With consistent practice new neural pathways will begin to form. An improved mental roadmap will develop, one that encourages rather than dissuades and reinforces rather than undermines.

Ask yourself what is meaningful to you? What do you want to learn about yourself? How is it helpful to others?

One can spend one’s whole life climbing the ladder, only to realize it’s been placed against the wrong wall.

Joseph Campbell, The Hero’s Journey

Ignoring or denying the extent to which emotions predict behavior — the stories and experiences that form our identity — doesn’t help. It denies what actually drives, motivates, and compels behavior. We act based on often irrational emotional reactions.

The stories we tell ourselves about our identity are not who we actually are.


When you purify your plate you provide your body with the nourishment it requires to operate at its maximum vitality. You provide the brain fuel to reason unclouded, clearly and objectively. It creates an open channel to better communicate with yourself.

With renewed vitality comes a broadening awareness and responsibility that industrialized food is not your friend.

Govt. sponsored farm subsidies artificially deflate the price of the most unhealthy food and enslave the lower class to “food deserts” where healthy food is unavailable, inaccessible, or simply unaffordable.

The industry is designed to disconnect us from how our food is actually produced. Vote with your wallet and don’t eat this junk.

As you disconnect, you will increase your desire to value yourself, others, and the world we collectively share. It all starts with changing your relationship with food.


Everyone has a story we tell ourselves about who we are. Identity is this story and forms our sense of truth. It is filtered through this prism and objective reality becomes almost impossible to discern.

Your story is just a story. Its not true in the objective sense. It’s an illusion. A lie.

Learn to see a more objective reality of identity and come to understand that we are not our past.

If you are self-aware of limiting beliefs you can deconstruct it to get unstuck. This is the work. You have the power to reframe the story.

With consistent practice you will form a new prism that will positively impact how think about yourself, and thus how you behave.

Morning Routine

First thing in the morning sets the state and mood for the rest of the day. Approach it with mindfulness and it will focus your day and improve how you navigate challenges.

Take this time seriously with mindful intention (don’t check insta, stocks, or email – that’s just distracting yourself).

Rich’s routine: 8 hours of sleep. 20 minute mediation in the morning. Writing and Journaling (w/ pen and paper) for 10-20 min (idea for podcast/blog post/emotions/gratitude) or “morning pages” (from the artists way book) – stream of consciousness writing. Green smoothie. Movement.

Setting Goals

Inner work is a prerequisite for setting appropriate goals.

Prioritize the journey to self-actualization as the most important thing in your life so that the goal you eventually set is the right goal for you.

In order for an aspiration to become a goal you need a structured roadmap and accountable action.

SMART(S) – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound, service-oriented

Calendaring – work backwards from you ultimate goal deadline. Have stepping stone goals – small achievable milestones peppered throughout the calendar at regular intervals. Make it manageable so you don’t fail or burnout. (break a big goal down into smaller tasks).

Undertaking this process will change your sense of personal potential and alter your perspective on your innate capabilities.

Eradicate decision fatigue by constructing a solid plan.


Go public with your goal. Avoid negative personalities. Take control of your inner circle and upgrade! Engage those you admire and solicit counsel.

Accountability breeds success. Go out and do stuff to get over your fear. Don’t fall victim to analysis paralysis.

Mood Follows Action

Motivation will wane. Inspiration will fail you. Days of weakness will visit.

5 second rule – 5,4,3,2,1 – GO!

Mood follows action. Action rives changes in your emotional state. Just take action, what matters is what you do, not how you feel about the doing.

Take the next best action and move on. The goal isn’t perfection, it’s consistent forward progress. Great is the enemy of good, and good is better than nothing.

Failure indicates courage b/c you had the bravery to test yourself. Failure is part of the equation. If you haven’t failed, you haven’t tried enough. Put yourself right back in the ring and try again!

Perform a post-mortem. How and why did this occur? What can I do better next time? Do this without judgement and discard the negative emotions that accompany it.

Failure is nothing more than opportunity. Welcome it as an occasion to grow. To learn. And ultimately to flourish.

There is only evolution or devolution. Growth or regression. There is no cruise control b/c stasis is an illusion. Keep moving forward and never stand in the way of momentum.


Growth and maturity deliver a responsibility to share the lessons you’ve learned for the benefit of others.

Give yourself freely and selflessly. Service is the magic bullet that fortifies our lives with meaning.

I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy. I woke and saw that life is all service. I served and I saw that service is joy.

Kahlil Gibran

Let go of self-seeking and invest your everything in the betterment of others.

The true value of your life is found not in your accomplishment, but rather in the long, hard path to achieve them, the fullness in your heart, and the bonds formed with others.

Fall in love with the process and let go of the end game. Show up for life with enthusiasm and commitment. Connect with spirit. Wrestle with your soul and relish every hardship. Give freely of yourself to others.

Its the journey that gives you path meaning. And there truly is no destination.

We all sit atop untapped potential, capable of so much more that we allow ourselves to believe. Change is our mandate and its never too late.

Do what you love; love those you care about; give service to others; and know that you are on the right path.