Startups in Spain

I’m back in NYC after spending two weeks in Madrid working Spanish startups through the Google For Startups Advisors program.

Startups Madrid
Startup Residents and Googlers

The Spanish economy was hit hard by the financial crisis. Unemployment was particularly high reaching 26% in 2013. These entrepreneurs are helping stimulate the economy and create jobs. Though the Spanish startup community is less mature it’s growing rapidly. 2018 saw 1.3B Euros in startup investment.

The Google For Startups program exists to support early stage startups and help them scale by providing a free place to work and access to advisors and mentors. Similar campuses exist in Sao Paulo, Warsaw, Seoul, and London.

I went to lend my analytics expertise to these companies, particularly in terms of data management and marketing analytics. I gave a series of talks on Google Analytics and also did 1:1 advising with the Startup Residency Companies. 

Giving An Analytics Talk
Giving An Analytics Talk

It was a very rewarding experience and I’m grateful to have had the ability to work with the amazing entrepreneurs starting these companies in Spain.

Our advisor cohort had a diverse range of experience to meet the needs of the residency startups we worked with. We had folks across people operations, product development, engineering, X, finance and operations.

It was a great experience to work with all these great companies and all these great Googlers. Looking forward to keeping in touch and being more involved in the startup community not only in Spain, but also in the US, particularly NYC!

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