When did we reach peak Facebook?

We reached it a long time ago! Searches for Facebook peaked in United States on December 2010 and have been in a steady decline ever since? Why is that…

One reasons is the decline in growth of younger demographics and the increase in older demographics. While overall growth in the US is largely static, from 2017 to 2019 the 12-34 demo declined 27%, while 55+ users increased 8%.

Where are these younger users going? The graph below from @chartrdaily shows a timeline of when each social media platform had the highest “buzz” on Google, worldwide.

As you can see, users change their preferred platforms quite frequently so knowing where users are is a moving target. (for example TikTok, the new social media darling is not listed on this chart).

Facebook as a business appears to be here for years to come, but probably not in the version that we know now. They will need to focus on other platforms in order to keep growing as tastes and trends in social media are notoriously fickle.

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